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Two of Utah’s top mortgage lenders partner to bring homeownership to a greater number of individuals and families in the state and across the United States. 

Salt Lake City, December 10, 2014––Academy Mortgage Corporation, a leading independent mortgage lender headquartered in Sandy, Utah, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Republic Mortgage Home Loans. 

Republic Mortgage was founded in 1983 on the core values of integrity, service, passion, and excellence. Like Academy, Republic Mortgage is focused on purchase (vs. refinance) business and on the professional and personal development of its mortgage originators, employees, and referral partners. The company is also actively involved in giving back to its communities and donates a portion of each closing to local charities. Republic Mortgage is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and operates 44 branches in 12 states, including 10 branches in Utah. 

“Republic Mortgage aligns well with the service-oriented and people-centric culture at Academy,” says Republic Mortgage President and CEO Scott Leishman. “We are confident that this partnership will greatly benefit our team members by providing them with additional resources and volume to enhance their capabilities moving forward.” 

The acquisition of Republic Mortgage brings an additional element of scale, scope, and talent to Academy, which will be instrumental in helping the organization achieve its corporate vision and mission. 

“By joining forces with Republic Mortgage, we will be able to accelerate our opportunities for growth and, most importantly, our opportunities for each individual to push forward our vision to inspire hope, deliver dreams, and build prosperity,” says Academy President Adam Kessler. 

Mortgage originators, referral partners, and customers of Academy and Republic Mortgage will continue to receive superior mortgage service, which both companies are recognized for in the industry. Republic Mortgage’s employees and branches will be transitioned to the Academy Team over the upcoming weeks. 

Members of the media interested in receiving more information about the Republic Mortgage acquisition may contact Mike Jensen at (801) 233-3767(801) 233-3767 or mike.jensen@academymortgage.com. 

About Academy Mortgage
Academy Mortgage is one of the top independent purchase lenders in the country as ranked in the 2013 CoreLogic Marketrac Report. The company is headquartered in Sandy, Utah; has more than 160 branches across the country; and is licensed to originate loans in 48 states. For more information, please visit www.academymortgage.com

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October 15th, 2014 11:41 AM

2014 Halloween Costume Ideas

Smiling children in Halloween costumes together
Are you wondering what’s hot this year when it comes to outfitting your family for Halloween? You might be surprised at the mix of classic and distinctly contemporary themes that appear to be favorites in 2014.


An October 2014 survey by Skout (a mobile networking software company) showed that people view individuals in humorous costumes inspired by pop culture as friendlier and easier to approach than those decked out in sexy or scary outfits.

When it comes to costumes for kids, Disney themes top the charts. The National Retail Federation says that 2.6 million youngsters plan to dress up as a Disney Frozen character this year (think “Olaf”). Another 1.8 million plan to appear as classic characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a princess, an animal or Spider-Man.

A number of other children’s themes should prove a hit for Halloween this year.

  • Minnie Mouse was recently the most-searched costume on Yahoo!.
  • The number of searches for the term “scary Halloween costumes” rose 5,000 percent in one month alone.
  • Holiday watchers predict that costumes featuring superheroes such as Batman will be popular.
  • Retailers expect big interest in classic characters like Wonder Woman and Dr. Seuss’s nostalgic Cat in the Hat.
  • Timeless themes like “My Little Pony” are hot this year.

About 75 million adults will be looking for costumes. This is the year to go for humor. People are looking to social media and games for inspiration. Some hits in the making include:

  • The ice bucket challenge
  • A Justin Bieber mug shot
  • Shia LeBeouf’s brown bag over the head
  • The Mccauley Culkin-Ryan Gosling t-shirt
  • A Khaleesi costume from “Game of Thrones”
  • Costumes with skull and skeleton themes reminiscent of Day of the Dead
  • Outfits with a Harlequin theme

Retailers expect 2014 Halloween spending to be about $7.4 billion—$77.52 per person—for costumes, candy and decorations.

If you are looking for hot Mortgage rates that won't scare you call me at 614-388-8757 or email DAMiller@RepublicMortgage.com

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October 1st, 2014 10:22 AM

One Million Homeowners See Equity Gains

Real Estate Icon.
Over $1 trillion in equity was earned by one million homeowners over the year ending in June 2014. With that gain, roughly 44 million of the 49 million homes with mortgages have positive equity leaving just 10% underwater. The number of underwater homes is down from 12% in the first quarter of 2014 and down from 15% one year ago.


“Under-equitied” homes are down as well. Those homes, where the owners have less than 20% equity, made up just 19% of homes with mortgages. These homes are traditionally difficult to sell or refinance because a small swing in home prices could drop them into negative equity. In fact, just over one million homes are considered to be near-negative equity because a price swing of five percent or less could send them into negative equity.

The overall increase in equity was viewed positively by most analysts. A primary residence makes up a huge portion of most homeowners’ investment portfolio, and an increase in home values is a sign of increasing wealth for a broad portion of the economy. Home sales are also expected to increase because the increase in equity allows homeowners to sell their current home at a profit in order to upgrade without fear of not being approved for a new mortgage because they were underwater. Increasing prices may also restore confidence in many potential homeowners who were afraid to enter the market during years of falling prices.

Some states fared better than others — Texas, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, and Hawaii had the largest proportion of homeowners with positive equity. However, the remaining states are likely close behind in the economic recovery.

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September 24th, 2014 10:56 AM

Millennials Huge Impact On The Housing Market

Many have overlooked millennials when analyzing housing market trends. The job market is still poor, and even those who do have jobs are often burdened by student debt. However, as the generation ages, their impact on the housing market has become more pronounced as the shrinking pool of buyers isn’t being refilled.


To some degree, the drop in homeownership is also a change in generational attitudes. This has led to the actual economic causes being disregarded for some time now. In addition to student loan debt, millennials are faced with a new job market where few can expect to stay with the same company for their entire career. Instead, they may be expected to move every few years to continue on an upward path, and this leads them to see purchasing a home as more of a liability and burden than an investment in their future.

It’s clear though, that not all millennials are delaying homeownership by choice. Three- in- ten people who carry student loan debt default on a financial obligation at some point, and this has caused lenders to be incredibly cautious when extending credit. College costs far in excess of starting annual salaries have also led to debt- to- income ratios that make lenders nervous.

Some have proposed easing credit standards or including additional factors like on-time utility bill and rent payments. If that happens, the percentage of the 13.3 million households led by millennials can be expected to shoot upwards and may finally pull the housing market out of its slump.

If you are in this group maybe you should think about buying a home. Things have loosened up and the time could be right. Apply below and let me give you a free analysis of your home buying ability.

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Dave Miller

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September 17th, 2014 9:58 AM

14-Month High in Consumer Sentiment: Another Sign of Economic Recovery?

Multiracial Thumbs Up Against Blue Sky

Economic progress hasn’t been without setbacks, but recent indicators continue to hint at continued economic recovery. The consumer sentiment level in September 2014 came in at its highest level since July of 2013. This survey, which includes data from over 500 households from throughout the U.S., is typically a good indicator of the economic climate.


A Leading Indicator of the Nation’s Economic Future

Every month, the University of Michigan and Thomson Reuters team up to publish the Index of Consumer Expectations. The index is calculated based on consumer surveys taken via household telephone interviews. The surveys were begun by George Katona in 1946 and the Index of Consumer Expectations is based on a value of 100 in 1964.

Consumer sentiment has long demonstrated the significance of consumer beliefs in the U.S. economy. When consumers are confident, they are more likely to adopt spending and saving behaviors that stimulate the economy. When confidence drops, the economy tends to slow down as a result.

Consumer Sentiment at a 14-Month High

The preliminary September 2014 index on consumer sentiment weighed in at 84.6. The value is:

  • The highest since July of 2013.
  • Higher than economists’ predictions of 83.3.
  • An increase over August’s value of 82.5.

The index focuses on three aspects of how households feel about the economy.

  • Their own household finances.
  • How the economy is looking in the short-term.
  • How the economy is looking in the long-term.

Indications of Lingering Doubt Over the Economy
There’s still room for improvement despite an increase in consumer expectations. Households reported no improvement in current economic conditions, and their employment outlook decreased slightly. One-year and 5 to 10-year inflation projections also dipped slightly.

Dave Miller
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September 10th, 2014 12:06 PM

Your First Home Buying Experience

Young couple holding a key
First time homebuyers are often filled with some combination of excitement and fear. It makes sense to feel these emotions, to varying degrees, vacillating throughout the process, but with some careful planning, you can relax and take the experience in stride, one step at a time. Once you find a strategy you can stick with, the overall process will feel much easier for you and your family.


Choose a real estate agent who listens to your concerns and works with you.

The most important thing you can do is find a local real estate agent who listens to your needs, understands the local market and is able to find some sort of compromise that will keep you on budget and happy with the results.

Your real estate professional will help you find home listings you might not have the resources to find on your own, and before other area realtors, plus they can give you a clear and concise overview of the neighborhood and the surrounding community. Your real estate professional will also have a primer on your prospective home’s neighborhood schools, shopping accessibility, recreation and parks availability, traffic volume and any difficulties or partly hidden fees you might encounter during a sale, such as whether you might need to pay homeowners’ fees to the neighborhood association.

Keep in mind that your real estate professional’s fees will come from your eventual home’s seller, and you are under no obligation to choose a real estate agent simply because you meet with them. Take your time and choose carefully.

Instill confidence with a pre-approved mortgage.

For your own peace of mind, as well as home sellers’ confidence in a likely sale, get pre-approved for your mortgage before you make an offer. With this step, each home seller will realize your credit is up to snuff, and the sale should go smoothly. Your real estate agent can help you work through this process, especially when searching for local mortgage brokers. Similar to choosing your agent, you don’t have to accept the first loan that is available to you. Look around to find what is comfortable for you and your family.

Apply for a preapproval here.

Choose the home that truly is best for you and your family.

Once your real estate professional has helped you find a few prospective homes, take your time to make the right choice for you, your family and your future.

Dave Miller 267730/105186

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August 22nd, 2014 9:36 AM

Search 100% of MLS Listings

Home Scouting


Start your home search right here. Whether you are just looking, exploring the real estate market or ready to make an offer, the Home Scouting MLS Mobile app provides you with the most accurate and unfiltered MLS data available. The app is available by invitation only so you know it's private and secure, with no advertising, ever.


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Contact me anytime with questions.


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August 20th, 2014 11:38 AM

Middle Class Willing to Move For Housing

Moving house
Whether moving from the city to the suburbs or trekking across the country in search of the ideal job, members of the middle class have long been willing to give up their homes in hopes of obtaining a better standard of living. Continued struggles related to the housing market have contributed to the continuation of this willingness to move, with several middle class professionals abandoning their expensive rentals in New York and California in hopes of scoring relatively inexpensive houses of their own in the Midwest.


Affordable housing can be a struggle to obtain, particularly given the currently saturated rental market. This is less of an issue in some regions, however, with a general lower cost of living extending to the housing market. Those willing to put up with difficult weather patterns and an often less than cosmopolitan lifestyle may be able to slash their housing expenses in half or even more, all while enjoying incomes not far behind what they were netting in more expensive locales.

This newfound willingness to relocate away from the coast is reflected in recent growth statistics for several Midwestern cities. Members of the Millennial generation seem especially willing to ditch their dreams of living the New York City or Los Angeles lifestyle. Many are flocking to Des Moines, Columbus and Fargo. These cities may not seem particularly glamorous, but for the young professional desperate for a little extra spending money and a more stable way of life, a life in the Midwest may be the ultimate solution. In addition to switching regions, many individuals have also proven willing to ditch expensive exurbs for all but forgotten urban and rural areas. This general shift suggests that, at the moment, price rules when it comes to housing considerations.

When you are ready to move call Dave Miller at 614-388-8757 or
apply at www.RepublicMortgage.com/dmiller

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Home Improvements that Add Value to Your Home

select color swatch to paint wall
When deciding whether to remodel your home, it’s important to think about why you want to do it. While every project will hopefully add to your enjoyment of your home, the costs of some projects will far outweigh the financial value they add to your home. If you’re looking at a remodel as an investment, steer towards the following projects.


New Exterior Doors and Windows

Refreshing your entry doors, garage door, and windows can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal. This will get buyers into a positive mindset as soon as they see the first photo of your home or drive up for the first time. Better still, the average return on investment for this remodel is over 70%.

Refacing Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most visible fixtures in your home, and have a huge impact on
how people perceive it. Old, worn cabinets can drop your home’s value significantly. That doesn’t need you need to replace them, though. A simple refacing and refinishing project will cost just a few hundred dollars and make them look good as new.

Add a Bathroom

If you have a large budget, adding a bathroom might be the way to go. Buyers now value bathrooms more than kitchens. Depending on the home, a new bathroom can add up to 20% to its value while a half bath might add 10%.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you only choose one project, give your home a fresh coat of paint. When buyers come to your home, you want them to envision moving into a fresh space not into a space covered with years of scuff marks, hand prints, and other wear. While you can do it yourself, for the best look, go with a professional painter.

Dave Miller

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Spring is right around the corner, and more people will be looking for a new place to call home. Fortunately, mortgage interest rates are dipping just in time for the spring rush, leading to improved affordability for most home buyers.

Current Interest Rates

According to the Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS), rates have fallen again after a two-week period of increases. At the end of the week, borrowers with good credit could secure a fixed rate 30-year mortgage with an interest rate of only 4.34%. These are down from 4.53% in early January. The rate for a 15-year mortgage also fell from 3.55% to 3.38%.

Building Equity

Not only do lower interest rates lead to lower payments, but they also speed up equity accumulation. Every mortgage payment is divided into interest and principal. During the earliest years of your mortgage, a greater amount of each payment goes toward interest. In fact, according to the Mortgage Reports, early mortgage payments during 2009 were composed of 85% interest and only 15% principal. However, early mortgage payments under today’s rates are composed of 78% principal and 22% principal. This means that equity accumulates much faster, allowing you to refinance sooner, make a bigger profit when you sell or simply build wealth more quickly.

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